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Satellite Free to Air TV Systems for Ireland

Tel: 01 452 6039

DIY Kits Saorview Free to Air

If you would like to save on installation costs we can supply do it yourself kits to give you UK Freesat and Saorview TV with no monthly bills . We have also made a you tube video showing the steps needed to align a satellite dish so you can see what is involved before you make a purchase.

Change from Sky to  Saorview  and  UK Free to air   DIY kit

Change from Sky to Saorview and UK Free to air DIY kit

If you already have a working sky dish then this is the ideal DIY kit to give you Saorview and UK free channels incliding BBC ITV, Ch 4 etc with no monthly fee . It includes an Ariva combo set top box and compact Saorview aerial so you can receive RTE Saorview channels on the same channel list with one remote control.

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DIY kit including Ariva 154 receiver

DIY kit including Ariva 154 receiver

This is a do it yourself kit for free to air satellite and saorview TV with over 130 channels including RTE, BBC, ITV,CH4 and many more. It includes a combo box with a quality 60 cm mesh dish and LNB with wall mount and coach screws included. You can also add a Compact saorview aerial using the options on the product page which you can see by clicking on "More info"

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