My BBC channels are gone , how do I get them back?

The BBC have recently stopped broadcasting in standard definition (SD) but all the BBC channels are now available in High Definition (HD)
You may be able to re tune your existing box (we can also do this for you as part of a service call in our service area) or if your box does not have HD you can replace it with a new combo box which is pre tuned by us so you just plug it in. We can call to you within our service area to replace your box if you wish. We can also deliver the box to you using An Post 1 to 2 day service.
You can see our most popular combo box here.

Some new channels are available and some existing channels have been changed by the broadcaster , how do I tune them in ?

From time to time broadcasters add new channels or change their transmission parameters, so occasionally you need to update your receiver by doing a transponder (TP) scan. Step-by-step instructions for Amiko and Ariva boxes are further down this page.

We also offer service calls to update Amiko and Ariva boxes within our service area. Please Click here

Rewind TV 11082 H 22000

FRANCE 24 HD 11386 H 29500

Talking Pictures, That's TV, That's 60s 11343 V 27500

ITVBe HD 11068 V 23000

ITV + channels 10891 H 22000

Euronews 11224 H 27500

Sky Mix 12168 V 27500

CNN HD 11671 H 23000

Aljazeera English HD 11508 V 23000

EARTH TV 11171 H 22000

BBC One Northern Ireland HD 10847 V 23000

BBC Three HD 10847 V 23000 (after 7PM)

BBC Four HD 10818 V 23000 (after 7PM)

BBC Two Northern Ireland HD 10773 H 23000

ITV HD 11053 H 22000

ITV2 HD 11053 H 23000

ITV3 HD 11097 V 23000

ITV4 HD 11067 V 23000

BBC Parliament HD 10773 H 23000

BBC One North East and Cumbria HD 10773 H 23000

BBC One North West HD 10773 H 23000

BBC Red Button HD 10788 V 23000

BBC Scotland HD 10788 V 23000

BBC One Channel Islands HD 10788 V 23000

BBC One West HD 10788 V 23000

BBC One South West HD 10788 V 23000

BBC One London HD 10818 V 23000

CBeebies HD 10818 V 23000

BBC Two Wales HD 10818 V 23000

BBC One East HD 10818 V 23000

BBC One East Midlands HD 10818 V 23000

BBC Two HD 10847 V 23000

CBBC HD 10847 V 23000

BBC One South East HD 10847 V 23000

BBC One Yorkshire & Lincolnshire HD 10847 V 23000

BBC News HD 11024 H 23000

BBC One Wales HD 11024 H 23000

BBC One Scotland HD 11024 H 23000

BBC One West Midlands HD 11024 H 23000

BBC Alba HD 11024 H 23000

5 Select 11306 H 27500

5 Star 11306 H 27500

Channel 5 HD 11306 H 27500

Channel 5+1 11306 H 27500

CITV 10891 H 22000

Talk TV 11426 V 29500

W and W+1 12129 V 27500

4 Music 10936 V 22000

Talking Pictures 11582 H 22000

CNBC HD 12168 V 27500

PBS America 11344 V 27000

France 24 11686 V 23000

Dave, Dave Ja Vu and Yesterday+1 12129 V 27500

CNBC 12285 V 27500

Sky Arts 12070 H 27500

Sky News 12070 H 27500

Amiko Mini combo receiver
On the Amiko Mini Combo remote control, press menu then arrow right and select "Installation" on the next page select "satellite installation" .
Satellite should already show as "Astra 2". Arrow down to TP Index then press Ok and select the frequency you wish to scan using the information above. Press the green button for "TP Scan" . Set "Scan Mode" to Free.
Arrow down to "Ok to Search" and prees OK.

If the exact TP (transponder) information does not appear in the drop-down list then press the yellow button on the remote for TP edit . You can then press the green button to enter the frequency symbol rate and polarity to create a new TP entry using the information above. Press red for TP scan when the level and quality readings are yellow and green.

You may also change the symbol rate of an existing transponder by using TP edit, press yellow when on the satellite installation page.

The newly scanned channels will appear at the end of the channel list and you can now edit them into any position you like by pressing "Menu", "Service" and "Organizing Service" on the Amiko remote.

Ariva Combo receivers
On the Ariva combo receivers you can add any new transponders by pressing Menu, then move left or right using the arrows beside the OK button until you select "TP list" then press OK.

Press the green button to "Add" and enter the frequency, symbol rate, and polarity as per the details for the channel you want above. For example Movies for men has a frequency of 11344 with polarity H and symbol rate of 27500. You may see a message saying "TP already exists" in which case you can just select yes to go to the existing transponder.

Press the blue button to search. A new menu should appear, set FTA only to "Yes" to avoid tuning in pay TV channels. Leave network search at no. Press ok and you should see the channels appearing and then "Search End". Press ok and these channels should now appear at the end of you channel list or alphabetically if you have your channel list set that way.
You can then use the edit function by selecting Tv Channel list under "Edit Channel" in the menu to delete the original channel and replace it with the new channel you have just tuned in.

Tuning in Saorview channels on Amiko Box

Although we preprogramme the Amiko box with UK satellite channels, it may be necesary to scan
your local transmitter to receive saorview as they use different frequencies in each area.
To do this, please press menu on the amiko remote control, scroll right to installation and press OK.
Scroll right to terrestrial installation and press OK. Region can be left as is , this is fine.
Set "Tuner power" to off.
Press the red button in the bottom left-hand corner of the remote.
The scan will take a few minutes. Press exit on the remote.
The channels will be added to the end of your list, and you can then edit them into any order you wish.

What is free Satellite TV and Saorview ?

Free to air satellite TV also known as Freesat and Saorview is a way to view over 130 of the most watched TV channels from Irelandand the UK for €0 per month, you simply pay a one off fee for a set top box and installation if you need this.

Saorview is the name for RTE's digital service and we can supply a system that allows you to watch both Saorview and UK free channels on one box with one remote.

To see more details of of our Free TV system please Please click here

What areas can you install Free to Air and Saorview in?

We can install the Freesat/Saorview channels system in Dublin and some surrounding areas, please see map below which you can click on for a closer look.

Don't live within our service area? The DIY system (please click) we sell also work anywhere in Ireland.

Installation Coverage Map

Installation Coverage Map

What are your delivery charges ?

Free next business day delivery on shopping baskets over €24.38 value .

We ship every day Monday to Friday shortly after 2.00 pm

You will receive a one hour delivery slot via text message so you do not have to wait in unneccessarily.
DPD will advise by text message to your phone when to expect delivery within a one hour delivery slot so you do not have to wait in all day. We can also deliver to your workplace.

What hard drives can be used with the Amiko and Ferguson Ariva Combo box.

Most good quality hard drives and USB sticks with a fast transfer rate should work. We supply hard drives which you can see here

If I have a Sky set up, i.e.. dish & LNB installed, can I buy a Free to air box and get the Free to air channels (ITV, BBC etc) from the Sky (astra 2) satellite?

Yes you can simply replace your sky box with a Free To air box to get U.K. free TV channels. If you do not already have an RTE aerial you can receive Saorview Irish channels using the small aerial supplied in the kit linked below. If you have been using a Sky Q box you must also change the LNB on the dish to a standard LNB
Changing from Sky kit (click here)

Can I block out channels?

We pre load boxes with a family friendly channel list and you can also delete any channel you do not wish to view and prevent it from being restored by using the parental control with a pin number you can set yourself.

We have TV also in Bedroom will that need an extra box?

To watch Saorview and Freesat channels on a second TV you need a second box with its own cable.

I have a Freesat box and it asks me for a postcode, what do I enter?

The Freesat system is UK based and it has regional variations so uses the postcode system to determine what region appears. Obviously in Ireland we do not have UK postcodes so you decide what region you wish to watch and enter the appropriate post code.

For example for Northern Ireland you could use BT7 1EB for London you could use SW1A 1AA

Do Free to Air receivers have EPG's on them i.e.. can you receive something similar to Sky Guide with basic listings for Free to Air channels?

Free to air receivers have a now and next program guide on UK channels and combo boxes will give a 7 day guide also on Saorview channels.

Where is the dish placed on my house?

The dish points in a southerly direction so if you can see where the sun is between 11 am and noon then that is the direction you are pointing. If this is at the front of your house do not despair, we can usually supply extra brackets to mount the dish at the back of your house

Will I have to tune in all of the channels myself?

Our installer will do this for you as part of the installation and show you how the box works. If you buy a box without installation from us we will pre load the UK satellite channels and it takes just a few minutes to load the Saorview channels from your local transmitter, we send you an email with step by step instructions on how to do this. If you are served by the Three Rock or Kippure transmitters we can pre load the saorview channels also.

Is it possible to run two or more boxes from one dish?

Yes it is possible but you must add a multi output LNB to your existing dish (you may already have one) and run a separate cable to the second box. The new quad (four) output LNB's are available in our dishes and LNB section. Click Here