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Satellite Free to Air TV Systems for Ireland

Tel: 01 452 6039

LNB's and Sat Saorview Combiners

A range of single and muti output LNB's including terrestrial (saorview) integration units.

Quad LNB with Terrestrial Saorview input

Quad LNB with Terrestrial Saorview input

Price: 37.99 including VAT

With its saorview aerial input this Quad LNB enables the combation of terrestrial signals (Saorview) with satellite signals (Freesat) for up to four free to air boxes. This means you can run one cable instead of two to each Tv location. It provides excellent Noise Figure performance. You should also use a single combiner in reverse at the TV end of the cable which you can see here. or a combined wallplate with outputs for both satellite and UHF terrestrial signals.

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40mm collar and Sky  dish Quad four output satellite LNB

40mm collar and Sky dish Quad four output satellite LNB

Price: 29.99 including VAT

Run up to four satellite receivers with this ultra low noise .1db lnb. Excellent build quality at a very good price. Can be used on a sky dish with the optional adapter as wel as Triax, Inverto and solid Aldi/Lidl type dish's.

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Satellite UHF combiner  unit

Satellite UHF combiner unit

Price: 5.49 including VAT

This item can be used to combine standard VHF / UHF TV , and Satellite, enabling one single run of coax cable to be used.

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Quad LNB  for Sky Mini dish.

Quad LNB for Sky Mini dish.

Price: 33.98 including VAT

Allows you to connect up to four receivers to a sky mini dish (digiboxes or ,Free to Air or Freesat) , can also be used for Sky + Boxes.

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Titanium .1 db  LNB single by smart electronic

Titanium .1 db LNB single by smart electronic

Price: 15.99 including VAT

The bar has just been raised with this top of the line LNB from smart electronic. Now in its second edition with gold plated F connection.This .1 DB LNB is a must for those who require the ultimate performance in digital reception.

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Inverto  Multi LNB Holder

Inverto Multi LNB Holder

Price: 19.99 including VAT

This bracket allows you to use more than one LNB for viewing of Astra 1, 2 and hot bird as well as other satellite combinations using a Triax or Inverto 80 cm dish

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DiSEqC Switch 2 Way

DiSEqC Switch 2 Way

Price: 4.99 including VAT

Used for switching between two LNB's on single cable. Can be used with receivers with DiSEqC 1.0 or above or with separate DiSEqC tone generator.

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