HD Free To Air, Satellite Digital Terrestrial DIY Kit

What's included with this purchase?

  • 60 cm mesh dish with quad LNB to use up to Four receivers
  • Free to air/Freesat channels and Irish digital receiver Ferguson Ariva 153 combo
  • HD High Definition receiver which also works in SD for older TV's with Scart sockets.
  • 20m of White Satellite grade cable with two F connectors
  • Sat finder meter included
  • Fixing screws (coach screws and plugs) included
  • Wall mount included
  • Option to add aerial for Saorview digital

Would you like to add a Saorview aerial kit for €29.99
Would you like to upgrade to the Ariva 252 receiver for €17.99 ?
Would you like a HDMI cable to connect to your HD TV for €4.99 ?
Would you like a second receiver for 97.49?
Would you like a Third receiver for 97.49 ?
Would you like a fourth receiver for 97.49?
Would you like an extra roll of 20 m Satellite grade cable for €11.99?

Delivery Info:

Free next day delivery if you spend more than 115.00. Next business day delivery 5.99 if you order before 2 pm. We ship every day Mon. to Fri. and you receive a one hour delivery slot so you do not have to wait in unneccessarily.

HD Free To Air, Satellite Digital Terrestrial  DIY Kit
Price: 169.99 Inc. VAT at 23%

Compare Receivers:
Can show Saorview TV with 7 day guide
Can Show HD Channels on HD TV
Can Show HD Channels in SD on Normal TV
Has 7 Day TV Guide for Freesat channels
Can Automatically Update With New Channel
Has Red Button Interactive Feature
Can Add Non Freesat Channels Manually
Can Record One Channel While Watching Another
This is a DIY kit for free to air satellite TV and digital terrestrial kit including BBC, ITV,CH4,RTE via aerial etc if you do not require installation. It includes the receiver with a quality 60 cm mesh dish with wall mount, Quad output LNB and coach screws included. Remote control also included. You can run up to four receivers from the 60 cm dish supplied

Remember with Freesat Free to air satellite there is no monthly charge, no viewing card or phone line is needed. Check option above to add Saorview compatible aerial kit.

HD High Definition receiver which also works in SD for older TV's with Scart sockets.

Triax assembly instructions (Click here)

What TV services and channels will this receiver allow me to watch?

You will be able to watch a broad range of the most popular free channels from the UK via Freesat, and from Ireland via Saorview. The package includes RTE, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. and includes both high definition (HD) and standard definition channels.

For a full list of the channels you'll be able to watch please click here.

Will I be able to watch TV in high definition (HD)?

In order to watch the HD channels, you'll need and HD-compatible television and also a HDMI cable (tick the option above if you need one). If you don't have an HD-compatible TV, you'll still be able to watch all the channels in standard definition as long as you have a SCART connection in your TV.

Can I watch media files I have downloaded from the internet using my computer ?

Yes the Ariva supports many files types used by torrents on the internet such as MP3, Xvid, Mpeg 4, Flac, Ogg Vorbis and MKV

Can I record TV using this receiver?

Yes, this receiver will allow you to do timed recordings of programmes. It doesn't contain its own hard drive though, so you'll need to save the programmes on either a USB stick or USB hard drive. While you are recording a Saorview programme, you'll be able to watch a satellite channel, and vice versa.

Ref: Satellite DIY

Reviewed ByReview Rating
McAndrewThese guys delivered everything very promptly and exactly as promised. Got the Arrival 252 with DIY kit. Fantastic ! Common sense will get this install done easily. It's really amazing to be able to get a box now that has separate inputs for the satellite dish (freeview)and the Arial (saorview).
Frank HallGood product but challenging installationEverything good save elevation markings on the dish. No indicator (point) on bracket to show when you had the elevation right. Nor did model I received match model in video. Had to make inclinometer, id strong sat signal by its channels, look up elev & comnpare and adjust for astra 2.
Shipped next day and worked out of the boxI was looking online and found this site. The DIY kit was exactly what I wanted as I like doing this stuff myself. I was shipped next day and worked straight out of the box. All the material I need to run the cable attached the aerial, connectors were provided. I am very happy with the service.
DamianAll perfect!!!Hi, I have bought that set recently , installed and it's working perfect. No problems with setting up at all, I'm just about to order another one for another customer. Good technical support from Tony as well.
Teesimples!!swift delivery, so easy to put up and get signal for the tv! follow the instructions in the video and it will really easy! really friendly customer support too!! thanks!
MarisEverything was perfectEasy to install. Would recommend
Niall O'ConnorTop NotchExpectations exceeded all round - an order system that tells you exactly the status of your order, a well managed shipping system, and goods received exactly as expected. (And all for the right price)
ColinGreat customer service and a quality productThe kit contains the standard elliptical minidish with Sky branded quad LNB. The Ferguson Ariva 250 box works great with both Saorview & satellite for all the Irish & UK channels in the one programme list. It also seems to be able to play AVI, MP4 & MKV files well. Great customer service from Tony.
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